I’m Jamila T. Jeffers, Author, Coach, Entrepreneur and veteran PA. For nearly a decade, I have been learning and mastering the ins and outs and coaching others in elements of Self-Management. An umbrella term I use to describe Time-Management, Project Management, Organisation, Productivity, Efficiency, Motivation, Goal-Setting and Goal achieving all working together in unison. I have invested my personal time and money in developing my skills, through the books I have read to the courses and seminars I have attended, choosing to study with the great and the good in those areas mentioned above.

_MG_4385 I work mainly with entrepreneurs and professionals in a variety sectors guiding them through the deluge of details, being frozen in procrastination to rediscover their confidence in their goals, aspirations and many other glorious life pursuits.

I do not believe in finding your work-life balance but in achieving your version of whole life abundance. Together we build a personalised SUCCESS Roadmap reducing your anxiety, defining your C.L.E.A.R Goals for your life and business.

* Perhaps every day, you worry about all the things you need to get done.
* Maybe, you’re caught in the busyness of doing
* sometimes it feels that your goals and aspirations have become hidden amongst the noise of life or they are no longer in harmony with your you.
* You don’t know how to navigate your way through the details.

It’s time to…

Stop. and evaluate Drop. and release your Roadblocks And Implement. Your new personalised SUCCESS Roadmap

I want you to have the skills and knowledge to take steps to living the abundant life you deserve and having the business you want.



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