3 things that you can do to set yourself on the path to success


Now that’s it’s officially December and the countdown to Christmas will be swiftly followed by New Year’s Eve and 2017.


It’s a great time for every ‘preneur’ to reflect on what has been accomplished (or not), during the last twelve months and then get ready, get set and get CLEAR on your goals for the new year.

Goal setting is easy enough, it’s achieving them can be a little trickier so when considering what you’re going for make sure that your setting them according to your personal and preneurial aspirations and values, where you see yourself moving towards.

There are 3 things that you can do to set yourself on the path to success in 2017,

  1. Daydream a little

Ask you yourself what would your perfect day look like.

Where do you live?

What does your bedroom look like?

What time would you rise?

What would you eat for breakfast?

What would you be wearing?

Who would be with you?

What would you do in the morning, the afternoon or at night?

What would you eat for lunch?

Who would you speak to? What would you talk about?

What do you do that enables you to live this way?

  1. Start acknowledging your achievements

If you have children or remember being a child, coming home with your artist masterpiece that would be put up on the fridge to be displayed in the place of honour for all to see.

Your achievement equals that masterpiece and celebrating your successes and achievements equals being displayed on the fridge.

Celebrate them all, big and small. The more you celebrate the more you will have to celebrate.

  1. Get CLEAR! Use my CLEAR Formula

C is for Clarity

Clearly outline exactly want you want to achieve, your why, by when and define what achieving your goal looks like

L is for Leverage

Leverage the things that you are already doing well, the people that you know who and help and support you

E if for Engage

Do something and keep on going. Don’t be afraid of action!

A is for Analyse

What worked, what didn’t, what kind of actions get you the best results and why?

R is Reset and Repeat

What are your next steps to achieving your overall goal or next goal and repeat your successes until you achieved what you defined as success?



Hey ask yourself


What are you passionate about? What do you want more of it your life?

Where do you to be in your relationships, financially, emotionally?

Tweet to me about them @JamilaTJeffers







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