Five Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Being disappointed and living in Gratitude


Photography: Hannah Sharp

Sundays have become my day where I try to really dig deep and reflect, absorb and understand what I am grateful for in my life, not just my own successes but those of the communities that I belong to. I even try to post my top 3 to my Facebook page on a Sunday morning and so encourage others to do the same, in a kind of ‘pay it forward’ moment.

Today was a little different, for a moment after reading someone’s #ShareMyWin Facebook post on my phone, my

pompoms hit the ground. It wasn’t even about them, it was about the fact that a media outlet had contacted me to say that they would be including me as an expert in one of their articles and hadn’t. I was disappointed about the article but also I was shocked to realise that I was jealous of someone in a group that has always supported me and deserved their success. This was not me! This is not me!

I typed the comment ‘Congratulations’ into my phone, and breathed deeply in saying to myself ‘I have enough!’ and breathed out slowly saying ‘I am enough!’, to bring myself out of the negative frame of mind I was in. You know the ‘I never win’ thought that is so absolute that you could end up spirally into despair. I needed to breathe slowly and deeply a few more times until I reached a point where I truly meant my congratulations.

Only then did I hit ‘Post’.

Today I put on my ‘big girl knickers (pants)’ and decided that I would be grateful not in spite of my disappointment but because of my disappointment. I choose how I events affect me, how I react to them, not the other way round.

  1. Disappointment happens to us all at some point. It is not the event that defines us but how we choose to react to it.
  2. When disappointed remember ‘You have enough! You are enough! And breathe.
  3. If you are struggling to change your state of mind try listing out of yourself all that you have accomplished from birth to today. Hit: The first one could be that you were born, a beautiful being who is unique, like on other.
  4. Gratitude, when found, need to be nurtured like any living thing for it to thrive and survive.
  5. Start posting #ShareMyWin posts, you’re not bragging you are sharing your win.





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