Hi! I’m Jamila.

 I’m a Self Management Consultant and Coach, for those passionate leaders among who are intelligent, savvy, faith filled entrepreneurs.

I’m also a a lover of good food and drink and my Home-made  Plum & Chilli Jam, Jewel Onions and Sloe Gin go down a storm every year that I make them. I love my bike in the summer but I’m a proper city girl, so I ignore it when it goes cold, wet or both.

I know what it’s like to worry about all the things you need to get done and we both know how important it is to keep your goals and aspirations  visible so they don’t become hidden by living life.

Let’s have some fun and get to it done together.

I found her easy to be with and to be a good listener, taking a genuine interest in what I had to say – Judith G